A diary written by ourselves can contain whatever perspective we feel like documenting at the moment. On the other hand, a digital diary only allows for an unedited recording of our behavior at the moment. The assumptions created from this document are left open for interpretation from the viewer. In this iteration, I sought out to explore what my digital diary would be. Buried within the privacy settings in my Spotify account section, I found the ability to request to download your data profile. My request for my data from Spotify took nine days and included one year’s worth of collected  information. The grand total of files was roughly 4MB of raw text documents. This included every song I had played with the time and duration of the play along with my adwords targeting terms or inferences, search queries, and user data. The contents of this layout reached over 2,100 pages when done. The scale of just one year of data collection from Spotify brings up the question of if this is even necessary. Spotify does not specify what they use this data for, but the sheer size makes me question what is the value of this information. Is it useful or just clutter? Also, what impression does this diary leave on the viewer? Is this a fair representation of myself?
Digitally printed book and cover