Go Heja Training App
Go Heja is a training app specifically for triathalon athletes. It allows coaches to create a specialized training program, apply it to specific athletes, and manage their progress. In return, the athlete is able more easily able to maintain a rigorous training program with better one- on-one guidance from their coach. It covers cycling, swimming, and running with input from outside tools like Garmin or FitBit. The application included a desktop view for coaches as well as the mobile app for the training athlete. Go Heja approached me with only a very rough idea of what they wanted for an application. They needed to build a brand and a functioning application to quickly jump into the market. The wire-framing process was intensive. Every task and page was plotted out, prototyped, refined, and tested. The final result was a very intuitive and logical application that gave the user all of the tools needed to manage their training for both desktop and mobile.
Visual Design / UI Design