Institute For the Future
The original concept for the Institute for the future came from a professor named Jerome Glen who developed the Futures Wheel in the 1970’s. A future wheel is a visualization and organization tool that helps organize thoughts about a future development or trend. This concept was adapted into a game and expanded upon by Jane McDonnell as a series of TED Talks. What was developed is an online game, where an institute who is researching almost anything, can propose to create a space to play. The players have unlimited cards they can play and gain points from interaction. They can either play a new thought card or play a shadow or positive imagination card on to another player’s card. There are bonus awarded to players and cards for how much interaction they inspire. The goal of the game is to encourage interaction and push ideas multiple steps beyond their original state. After a game is completed the institution will compile thoughts created in the game to propose future initiatives.​​​​​​​
The key goal for this project was to streamline the onboarding process and encourage interaction with careful consideration to the future growth of the product. Users have a wide range of age, location, income, and exposure to technology. My role in this project started as a facilitator of whiteboard sessions with the client and development team to build out the user experience. From these sessions I was able to build wireframes and prototypes for testing with the user demographic. This lead to the process of establishing an art direction for my next step of applying the visual design.   
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