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Riverence Provisions

Design and UX exercise 

Visual Design         Designer  /  UX Research  /  Mapping & Wireframing

Riverence Provisions is the leader in responsibly sourced and ethically raised seafood. Operating from Idaho's Magic Valley, they are the largest producer of farmed trout and steelhead trout, along with being the reseller of a large variety of other seafood from across the globe, always showcasing a commitment to responsible aquaculture. Through mindful breeding and land-based production, Riverence alleviates pressure on wild fish stocks, ensuring a sustainable seafood supply while prioritizing environmental stewardship.

Addressing various challenges, Riverence embarked on a comprehensive redesign project. They sought to unify their complex business structure into a cohesive public-facing entity, enhance brand recognition, and streamline their digital presence. Beginning with an analysis of existing assets, a new visual identity was crafted, emphasizing captivating imagery and a connection to nature. The design process involved meticulous wireframing and mapping, ensuring a seamless user experience. The heart of the project was in the process of wireframing and mapping, which proved to be an intricate endeavor demanding close collaboration across departments. Low fidelity wireframes were initially drafted to provide a basic blueprint for content and organization. These wireframes acted as a skeletal framework, outlining the site’s structure and key functionalities without delving into specific design details.

The culmination of this project is a clickable prototype representing Riverence Provisions' commitment to excellence. Seamlessly integrating new and existing content into a unified platform, the website reflects the company's dedication to transparency, sustainability, and superior quality seafood. With a refined visual strategy and consistent branding, Riverence reaffirms its position as a leader in responsible aquaculture, delivering wholesome seafood to consumers worldwide.


Agency                                              Vonnda

Client                                                Riverence

Visual Designer                            Ted Folstad

Mapping & Wireframe             Ted Folstad

UX Research                                 Ted Folstad

Development                                Claudiu Sararu

Creative Director/Client        Todd English

Project Management                Morgan Zehnder

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