Samuel Hubbard Shoes
Samuel Hubbard is a small shoe company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. While brick-and-mortar stores are an important part of their marketing, online presence remains a major focus. My role was spread out over a period of a few to work as a visual designer on several specific aspects of their eCommerce website. Initially, Samuel Hubbard contacted me to create a B2B eCommerce website and create a custom theme for their CRM software interface. Soon after, however, they also asked me to optimize the mobile and merchandising aspects of their B2C eCommerce website. Shortly following this larger project was the mobile optimization for their B2C website. They had recently redesigned their home page, product listing, and add-to-cart sections of their website. Along the way existing and new features were tested and refined to optimize their purpose and increase conversion rates. 
Visual Design / eCommerce Design / B2B Design