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Vonnda, a leading digital agency, recognized the importance of a captivating online presence to showcase their talent and accomplishments. As a digital agency, Vonnda specializes in providing a range of services, from web design and development to digital marketing strategies. Thus, their website needed to reflect their expertise while also serving as a platform to highlight their projects and services. The goal was to create a cohesive visual style that would resonate with their target audience and draw in potential clients and opportunities.

In order to achieve this, I collaborated closely with the Vonnda team to think through the website architecture and page structure. We ensured that the website had dedicated sections to showcase their projects, provide in-depth insights on various topics, and highlight the full range of services they offer. This required meticulous attention to detail in structuring the content and wireframes to create a seamless user experience. I directed the content creation process, ensuring that both the copy and designs effectively communicated Vonnda's unique value proposition and expertise. Additionally, I guided a junior designer through an iterative design process to achieve the desired visual style for the website. By creating concepts and designs for a series of landing pages and promotional campaigns, we aimed to further amplify Vonnda's online presence and attract more clients and opportunities.

Ultimately, the redesigned website serves as a powerful tool for Vonnda to showcase their talent, attract new clients, and drive business growth. With its cohesive visual style, intuitive navigation, and compelling content, the website positions Vonnda as a leader in the digital agency space and sets the stage for continued success in the digital landscape.


Agency                                              Vonnda

Client                                                Vonnda 

Visual Designer                            Ted Folstad

Mapping & Wireframe             Ted Folstad

UX Research                                 Ted Folstad

SEO & Copy                              Mark Lehm

Development                                Mark Lehm

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