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Vonnda is a web and development agency based in San Francisco California. I began working with the team in 2017 on a variety of projects that ranged from eCommerce, start-ups, to non-profits. At the time the focus of their business was on the development side. As our partnership grew the amount of demand for visual design grew. The website needed to be refreshed to reflect this aspect as well as establish their niche role in the San Francisco community. By working with a copywriter, lead developer, and founder of the agency we were able to begin the process of a redesign. The site map and structure of the entire site was reevaluated and reorganized. From there I worked one-on-one with the copywriter to wireframe the visitor paths and guide the conversational flow. At the same time, I worked with the founder on the artistic direction for the design aesthetics while also checking in with the lead developer on limitations and possibilities. 

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