Visual designer & researcher in visual communication

Self-Reflections Through Amazon ShoppingDesign Research Article  –  2023
Abstract: Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. Recently, they have been fined for collecting customers’ data without proper consent. This provoked me to request a copy of my data from Amazon. By looking at what data was collected I can apply design and surrealism to visualize my Digital Identity. This visualization becomes a reflection of my online persona and gives insight into understanding my Digital Identity.

Available in Repplikk nr 53: Digital

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Kevin McPhee: Lifelong Timeline
Visual & Interaction Design  –  2024

Kevin McPhee sought a website that embodies his creative vision and showcases his portfolio as a narrative timeline. This story unfolds as a progression of experiences, each layer contributing to the culmination of his extensive body of work. Signifigant moments include his tenure with the prestigious New York Times Magazine and his pioneering contributions to award-winning designs for B+N.

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Riverence ProvisionsVisual Designer & UX Designer   –  2024
Visual Design, UX Research, Wireframe & Mapping

Riverence Provisions needed to create a versatile website to consolidate their multifaceted company structure, including integrating acquired content like recipes and articles, expanding their product range, and reflecting their eco-conscious values for aquaculture that set industry standards for high-quality. Everything was organized into an expandable and flowing website structure which blends their formerly fragmented design and content into a cohesive and manageable online presence.

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B+NVisual & Interaction Design  –  2023
B+N Industries, recognized for innovative design solutions, needed website support. I collaborated with the creative director on a significant project to introduce their latest product, Giro the Rolling Office. This entailed creating an interactive section highlighting its customization, configuration options, and flexibility. We also worked on refining the menu and typography styles while creating this addition. The resulting UX design is seamlessly optimized for both desktop and mobile users.

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Reassembling RealityDesign Research – Ongoing
Google's advertising terms are assigned to users to reflect their online activity and spark their interests. These terms become a reflection of the person they are catered to. Over time they become more specific and also adapt to a person’s evolving taste. By combining Max Ernst's surrealist techniques with Google Ad words, these visual representations of a digital self are made. The ever-changing nature of Google Ad words makes this an ongoing process, resulting in surreal and often confusing self-portraits that challenge preconceptions of digital identity.

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VonndaArt Direction & Visual Design – 2022
Vonnda needed a website that could highlight their design and development expertise. While maintaining a professional appearance to impress and attract potential customers to their agency. Showcasing the extensive work completed for various high-end clients was brought to the forefront of the website. My responsibilities included developing the art direction, as well as laying out the content and enhancing the user experience.

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Clos PegaseArt Direction & Design  –  2019
Clos Pegase, a prestigious winery in Napa Valley since 1983, boasts a stunning estate designed by Michael Graves, affiliated with SFMoMA. Nestled near Calistoga, it offers tastings, tours, and picturesque views of Mount Saint Helena. While prioritizing on-site experiences, they aimed to boost online sales and attract younger clientele with their artisanal wines. The website balances luxury appeal with modernity, reflecting Clos Pegase's rich heritage and appeal to diverse demographics in Napa Valley.​​​​​​​

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Lang AntiquesArt Direction & Visual Design  –  2020
Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry, a renowned San Francisco-based jewelry company, specializes in a wide range of historic periods, from Victorian to mid-20th century styles. Catering to diverse clientele, from novices to seasoned collectors, they needed a website that could effectively showcase their extensive inventory. Through thorough user testing and analysis, the website underwent a redesign, introducing new landing pages and reorganized product listings. Inspired by growing influencer attention, the design strikes a balance between lifestyle imagery and detailed product showcases, enhancing the personal touch of the catalog.

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Samuel Hubbard
Visual & Interaction Design  –  2019

Samuel Hubbard, a San Francisco Bay Area shoe company, prioritizes its online presence alongside brick-and-mortar stores. As a visual designer, my role spanned various projects aimed at enhancing their eCommerce website. Initially tasked with creating a B2B platform and custom theme for their CRM software, my responsibilities expanded to optimizing mobile functionality and merchandising for their B2C site. Through iterative testing and refinement, we enhanced key features like the homepage, product listings, and cart sections to improve user experience and boost conversion rates.

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Institute for the FutureVisual & Interaction Design  –  2018
The original concept for the Institute for the Future came from a professor named Jerome Glen who developed the Futures Wheel in the 1970’s. A future wheel is a visualization and organization tool that helps organize thoughts about future development or trends. This concept was adapted into a game and expanded upon by Jane McDonnell as a series of TED Talks. The goal of the game is to encourage interaction and push ideas multiple steps beyond their original state. After a game is completed the institution will compile thoughts created in the game to propose future initiatives.​​​​​​​ The key goal for this project was to streamline the onboarding process and encourage interaction with careful consideration of the future growth of the product. My role in this project started as a facilitator of whiteboard sessions with the client and development team to build out the user experience.

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